Student Leadership Travel Program an Instant Success!

In 2015, The Bob & Darby Hold Student Leadership Program became an instant success in its inaugural year. Over 50 FSU real estate students attended four major events via the funding from this program:

  • ICSC RECon (Las Vegas, NV) - the Mecca of retail real estate, with over 40,000 professionals in attendance - at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
  • ULI Florida Summit (Ponte Vedra, FL) – an intimate gathering of top-level Florida real estate executives, academics, and government leaders who gather in a non-partisan environment to discuss the future of Florida development.
  • ICSC Florida (Kissimmee, FL) – a regionalized version of RECon, with up to 5,000 professionals, and a focus on Florida retail real estate.
  • ULI Fall Meeting (San Francisco, CA) – the top real estate programs, including FSU, are typically represented by their students at this prestigious event.

In addition to the “big four” trips, we were able to use the Bob & Darby Hold Leadership Fund to sponsor seven of our students and one staff to attend the ULI Emerging Trends meeting in Tallahassee. This was a sold-out event that allowed students desiring to stay in north Florida an opportunity to network with the area’s elite.

Overall, the Bob & Darby Hold Student Leadership Program directly affected over 50 talented students – roughly 25% of the students in the entire real estate program, and the secondary effects of the program have touched at least ten-fold as many students in the College of Business as a whole. Thank you to Bob & Darby Hold for making such a transformative gift to fund this program!

On May 22nd, we will be taking eight students to RECon in Las Vegas to kick off the second year of the program. It should be another great year for the real estate students at FSU!Students_Travel_CA

 Students at ReCon 2015