Spring 2010 Kislak Awards For Outstanding Performance Announced

The Real Estate Center is pleased to announce that the Spring 2010 "Kislak Awards for Outstanding Student Performance" recipients are:

- in Real Estate Appraisal (REE4103) – Christopher Hill

- in Real Estate Market Analysis (REE4143-01) – Brandon Burleson

- in Real Estate Market Analysis (REE4143-02) - Brad Wolfe

- in Real Estate Finance (REE4204) – Leah Walker

- in Real Estate Feasibility (REE4313-01) – Alyssa Andrew

- in Real Estate Feasibility (REE4313-02) – Brandon Moorhead

- in Real Estate Law (REE4433) – Megan Pannell

- in Real Estate Investment (REE5305-01) – David Hector and

- in Real Estate Investment (REE5305 online sections combined) – Justin Ballinger.

We congratulate this semester's recipients! Given to a single student in each of the courses listed, the award recognizes exceptional student performance in the classroom. The awards are made possible from a grant from Kislak Family Fund Inc. The Kislak Family Fund Inc. is a private philanthropic foundation established in 1993 by Jay and Jean Kislak to support education, arts and humanities, and other worthwhile charitable endeavors in the U.S. and abroad.