Latest gift from Kislak Family Foundation benefits real estate students

With its most recent gift to the FSU Real Estate Center in the College of Business, the Kislak Family Foundation continues to enrich students’ real estate education and expand their experience in the industry.

Given with the understanding that the gifts will be matched by other sponsor contributions, the Kislak’s gifts – totaling more than $480,000 since 2009 – have resulted in well over $1 million in program funding.

Specifically, the Kislak donations have enabled the FSU Real Estate Center to organize and host FSU-Kislak Market Strategies Forums in Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando, as well as sessions at its Real Estate Trends Conference each fall. These events are designed to engage business leaders by offering discussions on the economic issues of our communities and the real estate industry, while supplementing coursework for FSU students who attend.

“The center’s impressive programs, faculty, staff and students have continued to earn the foundation’s support,” says Tom Bartelmo, president and CEO of the Kislak Organization. “We are proud of our partnership and our shared commitment to real estate education and professional engagement.”

Since 2009, nearly 8,000 guests, including more than 1,200 students, have attended the Kislak-sponsored events. Connections made at the events lead to internships and job opportunities for students. Kislak support also enables the center to assist students by funding their travel and participation in the events, as well as funding the students’ corporate tours, which are tied to the forums.

“We are grateful for the funding support from the Kislak Family Foundation,” said Dean Gatzlaff, the center’s director and the Mark C. Bane Professor of Business Administration. “The impact of these gifts on the learning experiences of our students has been tremendous.”

About the Kislak Family Foundation
The Kislak Family Foundation is a private, philanthropic foundation established in 1993 by Jay and Jean Kislak to support education, arts and humanities, animal welfare, environmental preservation and other worthwhile charitable endeavors in the United States and abroad. Based in Miami Lakes, Fla., the foundation provides donations to a wide range of nonprofit organizations and projects.

About the FSU Center for Real Estate
The FSU Real Estate Center was established to enhance the Real Estate program at Florida State University; expand student-learning opportunities; secure resources to attract, support and retain world-class faculty; and strengthen the program’s relationships with its professional and academic communities. The Real Estate program at FSU is consistently ranked among the nation’s Top 10 programs at public institutions.

by Barbara Ash