Jay Kislak Named 2010 FSU Network Award Recipient

Jay Kislak, Chairman, J.I. Kislak, Inc., was named this year's recipient of "The Network's Award" on Nov. 4 at the 16th annual Real Estate Trends & Network Conference. This prestigious award is given annually to one individual in recognition of their enduring and significant contributions to the real estate program at Florida State University. Mr. Kislak is a nationally recognized leader in business, finance and real estate. Spanning six decades, his distinguished career reflects exceptional success in all aspects of real estate investment, finance, development and management.

To date, nearly 200 students have benefited from Kislak funding and over 1,000 professionals, students, and faculty have participated in events co-sponsored by the Kislak Family Fund. All of the funds allocated have served as matching gifts to new funding received (primarily through private donations that were incentivized by the Kislak donation).

Since July 1, 2009, the Center has allocated, or budgeted, almost $150,000 to Kislak initiatives. The gift has provided funding to support:

- The Kislak Awards for Outstanding Student Performance

- Student Participation in National Competitions

- Student Participation in Professional Conferences

- Student Participation in ARGUS Training Seminars

- Student Participation in International Program Initiatives

- Student involvement in the Center's Market Strategy forums in Miami, Tampa, and Tallahassee, designed to educate and engage the area’s key decision makers on the issues of the day.

- Critical Issues in Real Estate Symposia for leading scholars

- Matching Grants for faculty research initiatives (Kislak Scholars)