Faculty spotlight on real estate’s Mariya Letdin

Dr. Letdin shares insights on real estate and tells her story in a new “Behind the Bricks,” video that brands the college’s real estate program.

Mariya LetdinTitle: Assistant Professor of Real Estate

Education: Ph.D., Finance and Real Estate, Baruch College/City University of New York; MBA and B.S., Finance, DePaul University

Industry experience:  Worked in the commercial real estate industry, including Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) lending at JP Morgan; loan origination, underwriting and asset management at Tremont Capital in Chicago; and debt placement for HFF in New York City. 

Areas of expertise: Commercial and residential mortgages, real estate investment trusts

These areas interest me because: The relationship between a real estate owner, the lender and the underlying property valuation creates frictions that impact a substantial component of both personal and institutional wealth, as we witnessed in the last financial crisis. Understanding the causes, drivers and deterrents of these frictions is of great interest to me.

The practical implications of my research:  Commercial mortgage research has direct implications for investment decisions, while residential mortgage and real estate investment trust (REIT) studies help individual investors manage and optimize their exposure to real estate as an asset.

Most recently published: "Under the Lender's Looking Glass" Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (2016) 

Why students should consider a career in real estate: Working in real estate offers an opportunity to shape the future of how our surroundings, i.e. land and buildings, are used.  The real estate industry is broad and offers opportunities to succeed to people with a variety of talents and interests – entrepreneurship, quantitative skills, creativity, public policy, wealth management, to name a few.  I personally found the chance to make a visible difference in our physical environment to be very rewarding. 

I appreciate COB alumni involvement because: We are so fortunate to have a number of extraordinarily accomplished and caring alumni. The FSU Real Estate Center benefits greatly from alumni input, and nothing brings more value to our classroom than visits from graduates who share their stories.

Private giving to the college is important because: It allows us to compete with other excellent programs, remain cutting edge in our technology, data and resources, and continue to attract top talent.