1962 Alumnus Recognized by Commonwealth of Virginia for Service in Real Estate

R. Schaefer Oglesby recently received a letter of recognition from the Commonwealth of Virginia for 30 years of service on the Virginia State Technical Review Board and eight years on the Virginia Real Estate Board. The letter states that Mr. Oglesby “touched the lives of countless Virginians who may never know it but nevertheless enjoy the benefits of living in one of the best states in the country.” It continues to say his “dedication to public service and professionalism in real estate help to contribute to the quality of life we all enjoy.”

During his time on these two boards, Mr. Oglesby crafted many of the regulations and policies related to building code and real estate licensing that have protected the well-being of Virginians. He played a direct role in the development of the national licensing examination for real estate professionals.

Mr. Oglesby transferred from a small college in Virginia to attend FSU in 1960, where his father, Dr. Roscoe Oglesby, was the popular Dean of Students (and the current namesake of the Oglesby Student Union). He graduated from the College of Business in 1962, and moved up to Virginia shortly afterward.  After building his first home in 1968, Mr. Oglesby decided to leave the automobile business to focus on real estate and architecture. He began investing in residential properties, and in 1984, was appointed by the Governor of Virginia to the State Technical Review Board. He was later appointed to the commonwealth’s Real Estate Board and served as a national real estate exam reviewer and consultant for PSI Exams. He served several terms on both the Technical Review Board and the Real Estate Commission until retiring in 2013.

Mr. Oglesby lives in Lynchburg, Virginia with his wife, Sharon (Apperson) Oglesby. He is President of Oglesby Management Group, Inc.— a residential real estate investment company. In a letter to Dean Beck-Dudley, he said, “I have been a proud supporter of Florida State, and will continue to be. I learned a lot at the School of Business which continues to help me, even today.”

We are proud to have such an accomplished alumnus in the FSU family!